kevins gaming setup with kneeling stoolAs we progress as gamers, and we spend more time in front of the computer, we may not realize that, inadvertently this comes at a price. And the price is sitting in front of that computer or laptop for extended periods of time. For some, the cumulative effects of this type of lifestyle has lead researchers to seek new alternatives to the traditional version. And after much trial and error, a trio from Norway invented, what we know today, as the ergonomic knee chair.

Now anyone with even a small amount of knowledge in postural alignment training will tell you that we don’t pay enough attention to our chairs, and even less towards how we sit and the damage we may be doing to our bodies through this lack of awareness. After prolonged usage in traditional chairs, complaints of lower back pain, cocchyx and tailbone pain, spinal shortening and muscle soreness due to poor posture have given rise an increased interest in alternative options that allow the user to work comfortably for extended period with sound posture and minimal muscular strain.

The ergonomic knee chair is designed so that , as long as the user maintains an erect posture, weight will be focused in the buttocks region.  Learn more about kneeling chair reviews at:  It’s a relaxed position with minimal muscular effort required. It is written in some reviews that the knee/shin rests are there to take the weight of the body, but actually the sole purpose of the padding at the shins is to prevent the body from falling forward. If you find an increased intensity in the shin or knee during usage, you will find that your posture needs to be corrected as no doubt you are leaning a certain direction without an awareness of such.

Recent studies have also shown that using the knee chair over the traditional counterpart can account for an increase in lumbar curvature over traditional versions, which effectively means that postural alignment is achieved faster than traditional over a period of time. Because of this, the knee chair is a top rated back-friendly furniture piece. If you are looking for a new alternative to getting your work done, eliminating the back pain and are looking for a healthier option, seriously consider the ergonomic knee chair as the solution that will have your back saying thank you for a long time to come.

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