mmo gameIn today’s online gaming industry, you almost never find a game that is subscription based anymore, which used to be the norm with releases such as World of Warcraft back in 2005. Now we’re seeing a new influx of online flash games like Free Basketball Games.  Most publishers today either only charge for the initial purchase of the game with no monthly subscription fee for continued access, or they might not even charge at all, instead opting to just allow people to play their games for free.

But, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and most gamers are wise to these marketing tactics. Many gamers are growing cynical due to the business practices of publishers such as Supercell or Electronic Arts, two companies that have had massive financial success by offering games either for free or for a deceptively low price. In the case of Electronic Arts, this is done through free gaming weekends where people are invited to play their top online gaming releases for free over the weekend, and are offered a discounted rate should they decide to stick with the game. Afterwards, players soon find that the real expense comes from Downloadable Content Packs, or DLC’s. Imagine buying Super Mario brothers only to find that you had to pay twice the cost of the original game just to play the final levels.

More insidious than this practice though is the method used to monetize free online games. When most gamers see that a game is advertised as free to play, they refer to the game as being “free to play, pay to win”. This is usually achieved by ramping up the competitiveness of the game and charging for tactical advantages over other players, such as extra in game currency or a special weapon or winning sports games ( Though it is still possible to play and enjoy these games for free, players need to be aware that the online gaming industry is motivated by profit.

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fill your boat upA boat gas station is very similar to the automobile fuel station with the only difference being that it is meant for boats. On the same line, fuel for vessels is also similar to the automobile fuel but with a few omissions. Making use of regular fuel from the nearest store may not be a danger to the durability and performance of your vessel’s engine. Nevertheless, it would be highly beneficial for your vessel’s engine that you make use of vessel fuel only whenever possible. Moreover, choosing the correct fuel for your vessel’s engine ensures the engine’s longevity and optimal performance. 

Major Differences

One major difference between gasoline used in automobiles and vessels is the presence and increased levels of Ethanol. It is a common additive in fuel used in automobiles. However, when the gas is used in very high quantity in a vessel, there stands a risk of the fuel ruining plastic, fiberglass and rubber parts of the vessel’s engine. You should choose your vessel fuel very cautiously. In fact, you should abstain yourself from using fuel that contains more than ten percent of Ethanol. Search for a boat gas station that uses a less quantity of Ethanol in the fuel.

Other Common Kinds

The other common kind of fuel used in a boat engine is diesel. The diesel powering your vessel is similar to the diesel powering an automobile. However, the use of additives in diesel ensures that your vessel performs at its best. The choice of vessel fuel is also dependent on the kind of engine your vessel encompasses. Plastic tanks or polyethylene tanks require gasoline fuel because diesel cannot be stored in plastic tanks. Aluminum tanks can make use of both gasoline and diesel. However, they come at a price and suffer the risk of corrosion. Fiberglass tanks offer the middle option; however; it can be affected by ethanol present in gasoline. Moreover, fiberglass tanks are not very common.
The best way to ensure which gas would suit your boat best would be to read the instruction manual for recommended fuel. People working at a boat gas station may also guide you to the best fuel serving your needs.

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kevins gaming setup with kneeling stoolAs we progress as gamers, and we spend more time in front of the computer, we may not realize that, inadvertently this comes at a price. And the price is sitting in front of that computer or laptop for extended periods of time. For some, the cumulative effects of this type of lifestyle has lead researchers to seek new alternatives to the traditional version. And after much trial and error, a trio from Norway invented, what we know today, as the ergonomic knee chair.

Now anyone with even a small amount of knowledge in postural alignment training will tell you that we don’t pay enough attention to our chairs, and even less towards how we sit and the damage we may be doing to our bodies through this lack of awareness. After prolonged usage in traditional chairs, complaints of lower back pain, cocchyx and tailbone pain, spinal shortening and muscle soreness due to poor posture have given rise an increased interest in alternative options that allow the user to work comfortably for extended period with sound posture and minimal muscular strain.

The ergonomic knee chair is designed so that , as long as the user maintains an erect posture, weight will be focused in the buttocks region.  Learn more about kneeling chair reviews at:  It’s a relaxed position with minimal muscular effort required. It is written in some reviews that the knee/shin rests are there to take the weight of the body, but actually the sole purpose of the padding at the shins is to prevent the body from falling forward. If you find an increased intensity in the shin or knee during usage, you will find that your posture needs to be corrected as no doubt you are leaning a certain direction without an awareness of such.

Recent studies have also shown that using the knee chair over the traditional counterpart can account for an increase in lumbar curvature over traditional versions, which effectively means that postural alignment is achieved faster than traditional over a period of time. Because of this, the knee chair is a top rated back-friendly furniture piece. If you are looking for a new alternative to getting your work done, eliminating the back pain and are looking for a healthier option, seriously consider the ergonomic knee chair as the solution that will have your back saying thank you for a long time to come.

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